Who am I?
Xin Chào! Hello! I am a product designer who is passionate about creating digital products that inspire authentic and transformative experiences based in Denver, CO
If you want to chat, let’s grab coffee! :-)

My goal is to empower individuals across the world through design thinking, mindfulness and execution. Naturally, I love to ask Why, Who, How, What, Where and When, always seeking answers for the complex in terms of principles and connections.
“I am a citizen of 3 places. With a passion for travel, soccer and e-sports, I have many faces. Hit me up, and let’s fill up empty spaces and go places!”​
Top 5 Strengths
Restorative, Futuristic, Connectedness, Learner, Ideation
Design Thinking, User Research, User Flow, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Responsive Design, Product Management, Product Strategy.
Front-end Development with HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Sketch, Invision, Craft, Zeplin, Framerjs, Reactjs, Git, Squarespace.

Design Thinking is a simple process that unlocks the power of our creativity to solve any challenging problems. This process requires a deep empathetic understanding of a problem and those affected by it and fosters creative development of many different solutions. We ask and define the WHY. Then, with rapid iteration, we learn and design the final solution that is innovative, intuitive, and make significant impacts on human being. We design the HOW and build the WHAT. Then, we continuously repeat the process.


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